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Welcome to our waste water treatment tanks news blog covering all aspects of waste water treatment  news within the UK. As you can see from our website we supply waste water treatment tanks for both domestic and commercial applications. However we differ from most of our competitors in that our tanks are made from steel reinforced precast concrete. We believe this is the way future of waste water and it offers a far better alternative to plastic or GRP.

We will use our blog to be as informative as possible in all aspects of waste water treatment and our aim is to better educate home owners, self builders and building contractors on everything to do with waste water treatment. Over the last decade the UK has experienced a lot of rain and flash flooding. This is causing major issues and there are numerous reporting of raw sewage running into homes and businesses and getting into our streams and waterways.

As you can imagine this is a major problem and one that needs to be addressed by local authorities. Another big problem is the well documented problem or plastic products. Plastic is extremely bad for the environment  and a big problem is the fact that its not fit for purpose in water treatment. The lifespan of a plastic tank is between 10-15 years whilst a concrete tank can last up to five times longer, so essentially when concrete tank is in the ground its there for a lifetime.

So we hope you enjoy reading our blog and feel free to make any suggestions on any of our blog posts. If you have any questions or if you want more information on our waste water treatment tanks please feel free to contact us back at anytime.



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Waste Water Treatment Tank News Turley Bros
Waste Water Treatment Tank News Turley Bros

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