Pumping Stations UK

Commercial and Domestic pumping stations UK

Pumping Stations UK

Domestic and commercial pumping stations

We supply precast pumping stations in the UK for both commercial and domestic applications. Pumping stations are used in areas where the main sewer sits on higher ground that the sewage pipes. In this instance the sewage is run into a precast tank. Once it reaches a predetermined level the pump switched on and pumps it to the main sewer. We have supplied everything small pumping stations up to commercial applications.

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Our Pumping stations are suitable for:


Domestic applications


Commercial applications


Small Housing Developments

Benefits of using our pumping station:


Convenience sewage solution- Cuts construction costs


Very reliable pumps


Remote monitoring means owners are constantly updated


40 Year structural warranty on our precast tanks

The No. 1 Choice for pumping stations in the UK

Precast concrete tanks are by far the best

We only supply precast concrete tanks with our pumping chambers. They have a lifespan five times longer than plastic alternatives.

Top Quality pumps

We only use tried and tested pumps with our pumping stations

Lower running costs

Whilst pumping stations use electricity we have sourced the pumps with a low running cost.

sizes to suit your application

We offer solutions for both domestic and commercial application throughout the UK.