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Precast Concrete Wastewater Treatment Tanks UK

Built To Last

Our precast Concrete waste water treatment system tanks have may benefits over plastic or GRP tanks. Our fibre reinforced precast tanks are made from 45N concrete. We are so confident in our tanks that we offer a 40 YEAR STRUCTURAL GUARANTEE. (Although the tanks will last a lot longer than this) Most plastic or GRP tanks will only give you a 10 year warrenty.

You can also save a lot of time and money during installation using a concrete tank as opposed to a plastic tank. Generally you will need aound six cubic metres of concrete for the base and backfill when installing a plastic tank. As our tanks weigh just under 5 tonnes you will not need backfill to hold it in place and in most instances you will not need a concrete base.



Water Treatment Technology

The advanced sequence batch reactor (SBR) technology used in our systems, treats domestic waste water to better standards than required by Environmental Agency. (Environmental Agency maximum limits are BOD 20, SS 30, NH₄-N 20). As this system only cycles the waste water, there is no requirement for any pumps to be running 24/7 as with many of the alternate basic systems available on the market.

The SBR process is highly effective at dealing with shock loads (typical of a domestic house) making the system much more robust and versatile than other basic systems that rely on a constantly pumping air blower. Another advantage of the SBR system is its ability to adjust energy consumption with high/low flows, hence reducing electrical costs. An SBR system treats waste water in a cycle of four phases namely fill, react, settle and discharge. The benefits of this type of system result in around 50% reduced energy costs and due to no  mechanical or electrical components inside the waste water vastly reduced maintenance costs.


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EN 12566-3 Certified Sewage Treatment System

Our precast Water Treatment System has been certified by PIA to EN 12566-3 and SR66 specifications. We also have a CE certification on our tanks.


Top Treatment results in the UK

We have been certified from PIA with the top water treatment results of any system in the UK. We have achieved a BOD rating of 99%. See below the UK environmental standards compared with the results we have achieve.

Environmental Standards  BOD – 20     SS – 30     NH4-N – 20

Our Results                        BOD – 3          SS – 4       NH4-N  0.7

Waste Water Treatment Tanks Turley Bros
Waste Water Treatment Tanks Turley Bros
Waste Water Treatment Tanks Turley Bros
Waste Water Treatment Tanks Turley Bros
Technical Specification
  • Certified to EN12566-3
  • 3400 Litre Capacity
  • Fibre Reinforced – 45 Newton Concrete
  • 5 Tonnes in Weight (including lid)
  • Can service up to 8 person home
  • Length 3490 mm
  • Width 1300mm
  • Height 1700mm (including lid)
  • Height to bottom on inlet 1310mm

40 Year structural warranty


Have a High Effluent Quality 99% BOD

Environmentally Friendly-Compared to plastic tanks


Easy Installation